SIM with insurance against squatting

The minimum security and integrity service consists of the safekeeping and custody of the asset, and a guaranteed insurance against squatting. This coverage guarantees no illegal occupation of the property, and the customer is covered both by virtue of a contract as well as an insurance policy; and in the remote event of squatting, the customer will receive compensation.

  • We visit the property with a presence-detection system connected to our platform.
  • We verify a checklist of the conditions of the property and react to any modifications to them.
  • We offer market leader alarm systems, at a reduced price and connected to our 24-hour security service.
  • We send fortnightly reports, and extraordinary reports in case of an incident.
  • We offer action plans in the event of an incident
  • We control consumptions and annexes

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    Dragana Jovanovic
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